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19 December 2004



The deterioration of MET productions never fails to amaze me. Even a lackluster Broadway musical will get many more performances than a hit MET production, but they remain bright and shiny. Within a couple of revivals, MET shows begin to deteriorate. It can't just be the travel to and from storage--the MET has worked well to reduce the wear and tear on scenery and costumes of going into and out of the repertory.

I'm not sure how it happens, but I do make sure to see all new productions the year they are premiered, before the costumes get cannibalized for some other opera, before the director's original concept is toned down or revised into something else, before it all begins to get gray and tatty.

vilaine fille

Ha! But a condo might be an improvement. While pointedly archaic, the production was handsome in its day; now, nearly thirty years later, it is mind-numbingly dreary. I *think* the costumes used to be more colorful, making for a less wearisome show.


One of my colleagues went to see Tannhaeuser the other night. Someone was outside trying to sell scalped tickets to "Townhouser." Hmmm...I never realized the Wartburg was a condo. :)

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