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12 December 2004



haha! the comments are almost as good as the respective blogs!

and yes that radvanovsky dame does remind me of callas, if not quite so imperious.

Mme. Grisi Pasta

Brilliant. And all this time I thought the ed/ad thing was a requisite, not an option. I guess euphony is as subjective as any other qualitative assessment. For me, "ad" simply sounds old and blocky, probably because it's a hold-over from Latin. I find them both easy to sing, but the "ad" version seems to take on a little combination of Julio Iglesias and Franco Corelli--a lispy, Spanish [dh]. It's probably because my voice just wants to move on to the next vowel; it's marginally easier to shift the throat from ah to oo without a consonant in the middle.

OMG. Can I, like, shut up now?

vilaine fille

Chre Madame, mille mercis for your kind words. Your preference re: Trrill (cap, no ".com") is noted and will be respected henceforth. Regarding the aria title, "ad," "od," "ed," etc. are used before a vowel or vowel sound for reasons of euphony. As far as I know, they're always optionaland increasingly in disuse in these tristi giorni of no respect for euphony. (You will sympathize, I'm sure.) As a singer, you can better judge their usefulness in this particular context: Is it easier to use the "d" to launch "un," or to meld the "a" and "u" sounds? The answer, I think, will vary from artist to artist. Bonne journe vous!

Mme. Grisi Pasta

Oooh! Tidbit of trivia-cum-query:

Your titling of the aria ["Arrigo! ah! parli ad un core"] makes much more sense, grammatically, but I only find it spelled that way on one recording on Amazon, and that's the Callas Rarities disc. All the other recordings and libretti list the aria as "Arrigo! ah! parli a un core."

I can't figure out why this is. Have any ideas?

Mme. Grisi Pasta

Since we're the only ones posting opera mp3s in the bløgösphère, I'm sure we'll be referring to each other quite frequently. I guess I should let you know it's ok just to call us Trrill--capital, sans .com! And while I'm letting you know things, may I be allowed to express my sincere devotion au Temple Vilain?

P.S. I've now posted the bolero, for our listeners' horror, in addition to "Arrigo."

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