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27 January 2005


Lisa Hirsch

I think Taddei on Cetra is likely to be fresher, at least for Taddei. Must say that the Salzburg video w/HvK and Taddei is terrific.

I think ES is fine on the earlier HvK recording, myself. (The recording *I* can't bear her on is his Hansel & Gretel.)

My ideal Trovatore is something like Arangi-Lombardi or L. Price/Minghini-Cattaneo or Cossotto, Bjoerling, Pertile, or Martinelli, and, hmmm, maybe Granforte, conducted by, hmmm. De Sabata? Guarneri? Toscanini?

vilaine fille

Both of Karajan's Falstaffs, I think, are part of the opera's "proud history on disc," but I cannot abide Betty's clucking and pecking in the EMI set, and I simply have not heard the Taddei set (DG) recently enough to offer a reliable plug.

I like but do not love Mehta's Trovatore. The ideal Trovatore, I think, would consist of elements of two Karajan sets (Callas/EMI and Price/Salzburg), the recordings conducted by Giulini (DG), Pappano (EMI), and Muti (Sony), plus performances yet unheard

Lisa Hirsch

What, not Karajan's "Falstaff"???

For Trovatore, I nominate, uh, Mehta (Price, Cossotto, Domingo, Milnes). Note-complete, well-conducted (affectionally and understate), very well sung.

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