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09 March 2005


Eric Anderson

Some works of art sum up the past, some presage the future - amongst operas, one thinks of Mozart's in the first category, of Tristan und Isolde or Falstaff or Wozzeck in the second.

Pelleas et Melisande seems to do neither.

Obviously Debussy was anything but a composer insulated from outside influences, but Pelleas belongs to no line and (unlike Debussy's piano and orchestral works) has no imitators.

However, if the work is something of a dead end, it is anything but sterile; in fact, every time one hears it, one is more convinced than ever that it is a work of outstanding, uncanny beauty, of incredibly perceptive imagination, and its very lack of followers is some indication that what it has to say has been said once and for all.

It is an immensely sophisticated work, light years ahead of its time and so full of subtlety, eloquence, ineffable beauty and genius

What has been your experience?

(By the way, I am a 27 year old harpist)


Eric Anderson

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