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25 September 2007


vilaine fille

KMT, I wonder if subsequent performanes will improve. I hope so. I was shocked at Dessay's vocal form and was hoping that, perhaps, she had a cold but did not ask for an announcement to be made.

Chanteuse: Thanks! No, I don't think this one is worth flying out for. (Maybe "Ernani"??)

With love to all, mlr/vf

Opéra Chanteuse

La Vilaine: Your review is jaw-dropping!

Glad I did not miss much by not flying to New York and seeing this Lucia.



I was in Times Square to get a peek at the new production before attending tomorrow night's performance. It was precisely the literalism that bothered me. And, more than anything, the flesh and blood ghosts... I just don't understand why they were necessary. However, I do have to give this Lucia another chance, even though I doubt my feelings will change. Maybe I'll leave my glasses at home tomorrow in order to fixate on the in-house sonic goings-on of the evening (perhaps it was due to the traffic and the sirens and the chatty pedestrians that Monday night proved to be a disappointment there, but I'm really not so sure).


vilaine fille

Dear rysanekfreak: Thanks so much for your incredibly kind comment. We shall be lovers in our shared veneration of Leonie. I can say no more - I cry when I let myself think about how much I miss her.

Auguri, mlr/vf


Excellent writing. Brilliant turns of phrase. Perceptive. I think I love you.

vilaine fille

Muori, thank you for your kindness and great-heartedness.

KMT, I am grateful for your generous words, too. I take it you saw the show? What did you think?

Lisa: Yes, the *last* times I heard RAS in the role, she was a bit past her due-date vocally, kind of mewling into her high notes, but at her best, she was a *remarkable* Lucia. Above all, she really, really dug into the text over the years. She had me crying once by the second verse of "Regnava nel silenzio"!

Big hugs to all, mlr/vf

Lisa Hirsch

Fantastic review, and thank you for the kind words for Swenson, whose Lucia was, indeed, a great one when I saw it a few years ago.

Maury D'annato

Such an excellent review I just linked it even though I totally disagree :)


Thank you so much for this spirited, uniquely comprehensive, and acutely fulfilling critique. No other review I've read today has been as spot-on and fearless and justifiably outraged. Brava!


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