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23 September 2007


vilaine fille

Dearest C,

Thank you!

You know, for years, I read only Italian and Latin poetry, and it has been fun and enriching to become better acquainted with our American geniuses, Dickinson and Whitman among them.

Thank you for your comment!

xxo, v.f.

Opéra Chanteuse

Welcome back, my dear!

I have a confession to make. You know, it was through reading your pensée series that I encountered the enchanted world of Emily Dickinson. In the past few weeks, I've been reading a book containing some of her most wildly imaginative creations. In this short time, I've fallen completely madly in love with her poems... her world, her imagination.

I have you to thank for this.


vilaine fille

Thank you, dearest. I prayed for you and yours, as well.

Wishing you copious sleep and sweet, sweet dreams, vf/mlr


I'm very impressed with the davening...and wishing you a blessed new year.

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