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01 October 2007


Opéra Chanteuse

Hmm, let me think. My favorite parfum is by Bvlgari.

That scent is sublime: Gentle, uncompromising, like a lover's touch.

Oops, that's just my wild imagination talking... you just asked me what my favorite scent is and there I go being theatrical again.

*All the best, Chanteuse*

vilaine fille

Indeed, Chanteuse!

Plus, I can switch over from my eaux fraîches to my Annick Goutal Heure Exquise, hoorah!

What is your favorite parfum? For boys, I'm quite fond of Givenchy Gentleman and Vetiver Guerlain.

Much love to you, mlr/vf

Opéra Chanteuse

Amen on no. 229.

Enough of warm weather that makes me sweat!


vilaine fille

No, tesoro, non buona abbastanza!

Grazie di tutto. Un abbraccione a te, K e il sommo L.


Thanks sister, davvero troppo buona!

I'll pray. We will pray...



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